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Origin China
MODEL NET-108_ip phone
DESCRIPTION 1.1 Software Characteristics
1) Support DNS register;
2) Support H.323 V4, MGCP and SIP protocol;
3) Support DHCP automatic allocation of IP address and other parameters;
4) Support a variety of NAT passing and firewall passing;
5) Meet ITU-T standard as well as generation and test of DTMF;
6) Support G.711A/U, G.723.1 5.3/6.3 and G.729/A/B/AB/GSM610 algorithm of voice coding and decoding;
7) Support Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CHK), Acoustic Echo; Cancellation (AEC) and dynamic voice technology. Its sound can match with traditional telephone.
8) Support PPPoE protocol (When used on ADSL and Cable Modem connection).
9) Support many net structures, such as LAN, city Wide Band, special line net, XDSL of Telecom, MODEM, Wide Band and CABLE MODEM Wide Band net of Broadcasting & TV.
10) Full intelligent manual prompt;
11) Voice prompt of keyboard operation;
12) Intellectual fast dialing;
13) Full duplex Hand-free telephone;
14) Support real-time volume adjusting;
15) Volume of headphones and speakers can be adjusted independently.
16) Calling transfer, calling holding and voice answering;
17) Internal time-server can indicate standard time of all main time zones;
18) IPP-802 and IPP-802
double-interface telephone can provide two RJ45 standard 100M exchanger interfaces;
19) Support dialing rule based on E.164 coding;
Can store 100 groups of fast dialing numbers.
20) Can store 80 received phone numbers, non-received phone numbers and dialed phone numbers respectively.
21) Can be set through browser (such as IE), Telnet, keyboard and IPPtool software.

22) Make tailored OEM version ing to requirements of the clients.
Tailored setting interface and setting tool;
Automatic port and other parameter configuration, plug and play;
Make homepage link, Chinese and English settings, company logo, etc.
Other requirements of clients
1.2 Hardware Characteristics
1) IPP-80X
adopts STN LCD, which has a bright backlight and wide visual angle.
2) Made by the best electronic engineers who have years of experience on professional audio and visual card.
3) Professional circuit design, scientific PCB distribution and extraordinary welding crafts, which can greatly minimize noise interference and promote interference resistance of BUS;
4) Extraordinary design and manufacturing crafts can provide a stable and reliable working environment for the platform.
5) Strict quality control process and long-time real operation test;
6) Advanced manufacturing crafts of casing mold and top-grade plastic materials selection;
7) Original style design, excellent visual effect of surface and extraordinary touching effect

1.3 Function Characteristics
1) 100 telephone books
2) Fast dialing function
3) Emulational dialing of common telephone
4) Calling transfer and calling holding
5) Under H323-SIP protocol, the caller can get status of the called party.

6) Simple volume adjusting
7) Full duplex Hands-free function
8) IP to IP communication
9) Hi-fi and low delay net voice communication

10) LCD backlight indication
11) Local IP and local number query
12) Query on dialed, received and non-received number
13) Time indication of important worldwide time zones

14) NET TO PHONE hardware terminal
15) Plug and play, double-interface automatic identification
16) IPP-802 and IPP-802
provide extended exchanger function
17) H.323, SIP and MGCP are compatible

18) English version of OEM is completely compatible with Chinese version.
19) Simple setting operation of keyboard
20) Software setting of mini version IPPtool
21) Automatic parameter setting on OEM version of virtual service provider, plug and play
22) Various protocols can default common settings, simple operation
23) Built-in function library with year and month statistic functions, intelligent dynamic program library
24) The character size of input name in telephone book can be shifted.
25) Other standard functions of net telephone

1.4 Technical Index
1) Data memory: 2MB
2) Program memory: 2MB Flash memory
3) Net interface: 10/100M Base-T
4) AEC: G165 16ms
5) Average net flow: 10-12kbit/s
6) Voice delay (end to end): less than 100ms
7) Power supply: DC 9V-12V Power consumption: 2.7 W (max.)
8) Power supply adapter: Input: AC 220V Output: DC 9V-12V 500mA
9) Working conditions:
Environment temperature: 0<- 40<C (32<- 104<F)
Relative humidity: 10 - 95%
atmospheric pressure: 86C106 Kpa

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