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 Recording with RJ45
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Traditional PABX
Asterisk CardS

Voip gateway
Voip phone
Optical telephone
Fixed wireless Terminal



  • The RL200 provides ftow channels per unit  With a powerful host computer and a capable local area network, the system can be easily expanded by simply adding more loggers.

    A host computer is required as these loggers do not contain any internal memory for data storage. Instead, data is transferred to the host computer via the network in real time during recording. Real time monitoring is allowed, one channel at a time. User operations (search, play...) and system management are always performed on the host computer with the supplied application program.

    The system saves data in Windows WAV format and offers different voice compression options for the user to choose his/her own balance between voice quality and storage requirement. With a big hard drive on the host computer, several months¨ worth of data can be easily stored.

    Offering superb sound quality and rock solid performance, the RL200 system is an ideal solution for various small to medium applications.


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