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 Usb Recording
 Pci Recording
 Recording with RJ45
Traditional PABX
Asterisk CardS
Optical telephone
Fixed wireless Terminal



16 channel call box.
With USB interface, provides easy installation, supports hot-swap, PNP(plug and play) and automatic recognition
Supports WIN98/2000/XP2003/VISTA operating system
Supports three start-up mode respectively for voltage-controlled, sound-controlled and key-controlled
Accurately judges the channel status(pickup/Hangup , Ring times, open or short-circuit)
Supports 2/5-times compressed voice for storage
Audio data can be saved directly in WINDOWS standard WAVE format, which eliminates the need for conversion and playback by the sound card
Configuring various functional modules in different ways results in both high-impedance recording and automatic sound response message features.
Supports AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the remote end and near end during call
Supports automatic recovery after hot-swap and usb port error.
Drivers is based on event-driven, provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control
DTMF and CID can be detected by hardware-decode, automatically identifies two mode respectively for FSK and DTMF
Supports AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the remote end and near end during talking

Application areas:

Many Share Broking Houses.
Large Corporate includes Chemical Mfrs., Process Houses, Trading Houses, Export Houses, Industrialists, Merchants, Commission Agents, Brokers
Workshop Owners, Jobwork undertakers.
Chartered Accountants & Consultants.
LAW Firms & Solicitors.
Call Centers, DSAs of Many Banks, Inbound-Outbound Call Centers
Educational Institutions Counseling Dept. VISA Counseling Dept.
Travel Agents
The name of companies are available upon request.

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