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HY80 VoIP PBX is an all-in-one converged communication system for small and mid-size offices. With built-in analog phone interfaces, CO lines interfaces, provides connectivities to not only POTS and analog extensions, but also IP based SIP trunks and SIP terminals as well. Using VoIP, it allows intercom calls from one office to another over internet or VPN, and it also allows to connect to ITSP via SIP trunking; With up to 60 SIP terminals licenses, HY80 supports remote extensions, allowing employees to communicate with customers and team members at home or on the road. HY80 offers rich features to meet current and future needs of enterprises

Depending on configuration, HY80 supports from 16 to 48 local analog extensions, up to 60 SIP terminals as remote extensions, and up to 24 analog ports to PSTN. With features such as click-to-call, auto-attendant, on a fly recording, mobile extension, and call back, it helps to reduce operation cost and improves the communication with customers.


- Telephon system for SMB

- Call center

- Telephone system for virtual offices

HY80 provides many features to improve your customer caring, which can only be found in expansive PBX. It has configurable greetings and reminders for the business hours and close hours. The remote attendant function allows small office to provide 7x24 services without expensive cost. With RT you can provides quality services for less investment.

HY80 VoIP SIP PBX has all the IP remote calling functions you need for home working, business traveling, and communication among branches through intranet. The international call or long distance calls are turned into local calls or toll free calls. With the advanced routing capabilities RT routes calls intelligently according to call types

Model name Analog Extensions CO  lines Ethernet ports SIP users
HY80-20S/4 20 4 2 60
HY80-8S/8 8 8 2 60
HY80-24S/8 24 8 2 60
HY80-40S/8 40 8 2 60
HY80-16S/16 16 16 2 60
HY80-32S/16 32 16 2 60
HY80-24S/24 24 24 2 60
HY80-48S 48 0 2 60
HY80-32S 32 0 2 60
HY80-24S 24 0 2 60
HY80-16S 16 0 2 60

Above Models with same software and WEB menu;


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