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Powerful features to make you enjoy the ideal solutions
The Henyuan Next Generation IP Exchange is an advanced communications tool which was designed to improve efficiency for operator and other business area. The IP8000 inherits reliable technology in Henyuan's Exchange, and merges individual requirement. The reason to make it as a leading product in IP Exchange field is that it can provide efficient and flexible communication mode. Its tandem exchange features, multi-type trunk interfaces, video IP phone (SIP protocol) Interfaces, friendly PC management softwares, and characteristic business function can absolutely meet your needs.

Stronger stability & reliability
Henyuan production & management according to ISO9001:2000 certificate standard which make products with good quality. IP8000 hardware with multi-level lightning protect, outstanding earthing capability. Furthermore, we provide a complete range of services related to business communication such as consultation, planning, installation, maintenance and after sales support services to give you the freedom to concentrate on your core business.

Flexibility to grow with your business
Henyuan Exchange system was designed on a scalable and modular platform, and it can be expanded & upgrade easily (on-line upgrade feature) when you need more features and capacity in future.

Main Features:
Pure IP Network development trend:System supports voice, video (SIP video phone) and data (fax) service.
Multi-type terminal:System supports SIP phone, SIP video phone, PC soft terminal, mobile phone terminal, key phone and normal phone etc.
Tandem Exchange function:System supports tandem exchange function. One shelf max. supports 28E1.
Multi-type trunk interface:System supports PCM (SS7, PRI, R2, V5 & Q signalling) digital trunk IP trunk, E/M trunk, carrier trunk, magnet trunk and loop trunk.
Voice Navigation System (VNS,optional):System supports each type of multi-level interactive prompt voice which may improve service level for subscriber.
Recording system (optional):System supports recording with extension 32 channels or more, operators may hear the content through remote computer.
Conference call:System supports internal & external subscriber to make a conference call with maximum 4 groups and 8 parts are maximum for each group. Furthermore, system supports video conference call through IP network.
Alternate route of E1 & VOIP:System supports alternate route of E1 & VOIP back up with 7 level which will ensure safety when communicate with other networks.
Flexible numbering:System supports 1-8 digits numbering, and different length number can exit together.
ISDN function for key phone:System digital key phone board port supports 2B+D technology, so one subscriber line may with 2 phone number. Also the key phone has broadcast function.
Mixed slot for extension & CO board:System supports extension & CO board mixed input on public slot, operator may define the capacity base on request freely.
Hot swap & hot plug:System supports extension & CO board input / output with power on status, no need power off system.
Signal status view:When E1 make a faul, administrator may detect directly with system signal status view tool to find out where the problem is caused.
Dual CPU & power supply (optional)
System supports to be configured with dual CPU board & dual power system, when one of them is broken, the other will continue to work without interrupt.
Lightning proof circuit designed:System internal & exterior interface with DTR & VDR component which will make system be protected with over-current & over-voltage function.
Costing at least route selectionc:System may makes extension outgoing through best trunk route which which cost the lowest.
Flash memory on MCU:MCU board has 64M flash memory which can hold 2 million call tickets. As the device has been improved more reliable so that the call tickets are protected in a more safe way.
Security code number (SCN):When extension has been given to the SCN function, subscribers can not have the high level outgoing call without password.
Call forwarding:System supports call forwarded to internal & external lines. Call forwarding function includes call forwarding when busy, call forwarding when no answer and call forwarding directly.
Call pick-up:System supports call pick-up function for other ringing extension. Subscriber can dial DSS to pick-up the call through the key telephone.
Call transfer & charging:System supports call transfer function & call transfer charging.
Call waiting & charging:System supports normal extension with call waiting function and pick up function. Furthermore, system supports call waiting charging function when subscriber executive it.
Extension hunting:Some extension may has one number. When someone call this number, these extension will ring circularly.
Account for roam subscriber:System may provides account for roam subscriber, these subscribers may make an outgoing call on any telephone as long as he input his account & password. The call charge will calculated on this account.
On-line upgrade function:System supports CPU IC version on-line upgrade function. Theres no need to eplace hardware if customer need new features.
System fault real time alarm:Real time alarm included system fault alarm, power fault alarm, E1 & VOIP fault alarm, DSP alarm, Flash alarm, memory data alarm, temperature alarm and subscriber line alarm.
Multi-type charge parameter:System charge management software provides 4 group of different rate charge parameters, operator may select it depend on different time.
Remote management & maintenance:System supports remote management & maintenance through E1 or internet which will reduce maintenance cost.

System application:

System capacity (80-10000 lines, one cabinet capacity see below):


1> System is configured with 19 inch standard cabinet.
2> The max. distance between extension subscriber is 7km.


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