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  416-632 Digital Pabx
  TK Series
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  Digital phone
  AD/TD/RD/HD Pabx
  SW2000 Series

Asterisk CardS
Optical telephone
Fixed wireless Terminal

208-632 Pabx Systems 

Port and lines for RD Series are :
2 to 8 Lines
4 to 16 Lines
4 to 24 Lines
4 to 32 Lines

6 to 16 Lines
6 to 32 Lines
2 co line,8 extension
4 co line,16 extension
4 co line,24 extension
4 co line,32 extension
6 co line,16 extension
6 co line,32 extension

  1. SMDR: Can Hold 3000 row call billing data without PC
  2. Extendible 208 to 632
  3. 3 pieces of DISA (DISA: total 30 seconds, One/ three paragraphs,Welcome message can be recorded by regular phone set or PC)
  4. Daytime and Night Service (Auto/Manual)
  5. Operator Assistant/Auto Attendant:The caller can dial extension directly after hearing welcome message, without Operator transfer.
  6. Call Transfer,Busy Transfer
  7. External music source
  8. Flexible Coding:User can set 2-digit or 3-digit or 4-digit extension numbers from xx~xx or xxx~xxx or xxxx~xxxx  etc.
  9. Call Duration Control:The system will restrict the talking time for extension and give warning
  10. Outgoing call Restriction:System restrict 9-class of service call,including restrict long distance call or only allow to dial intercom call
  11. Extension Password
  12. Telephone Conference: Allow 3 party talk at a conference group
  13. Call Parking
  14. Call Pick-up  :One can pick up the remote ringing extension
  15. Broadcast
  16. Caller ID :FSK, DTMF Caller ID,Support Caller ID to operator, optional intercom Caller ID
  17. 3-class LIGHTNING PROTECTION: System support strong lightning protection duration lightning weather

  No.of C.O. Lines 2-6
  No.of Extensions 8-32

   Download RD Series Pbx manual 

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