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Wireless Product
GSM/CDMA Gateway
Fixed WirelessPhone
Wireless Terminal


SX01K-GPRS Fixed Cellular Terminal
This unit can conveniently access to the available GSM system network. This system
possesses such a high receiving sensitivity and a large transmitting power that it expandsthe effective coverage of the cellular network to a larger. The unit has been extensively used in the fixed access to the cellular network to solve the wired communications problems in the rural areas. It can also be used to develop fast radio public telephone services to satisfy the communications for the time being and work as the CO relay tosimplify the registration s and lower the cost. Furthermore it can meet the requirement of mobile communications onboard vehicles, ships, trains, etc. All these enlarge the number of the network subscribers considerably so that it can utilize the resources better.

Main Parameters
General Instructions How to link with a charger, Office PBX and VOIP

Main functions
Caller ID
Pin number locked (Optional) 
Block prefix number (Optional)
Support OfficePBX
Support VOIP
Office PBX
Quick Installation
1. Take off the cover of the SIM holder,
then put in a SIM card into the holder.
2. Plug in a phone into the phone socket RJ-11
3. a. Install the antenna first, please screw the antenna tightly into the connector,
and put the antenna in the purpose place.
b. Connect the power, and put power switch ON.
SIM card holder
Switch for power 232 port for GPRS
Rj11 for phone line

Adjust volume
Pick up the receiver, press #X# for different steps the volume.
Note: X = 1-5. 1 is the lowest volume and 5 is the loudest volume.
Descriptions Unit Specifications
UP MHz 890~915 1710~1755 1850~1910 Working
Frequency DOWN MHz 935~960 1805~1850 1930~1990
Transmitting power dBm 33
Receiving sensitivity dBm -104
Atmosphere Kpa 86~106
Power Specifications
Power mode: AC to DC
a. Switch adaptor (without battery) 110-220V to 5V or 7-12V, 50/60Hz, 1.25A
b. Switch adaptor (with Ni-MH battery) 110- 220V to 7.5V, 50/60Hz, 1.0A
Backup battery:
Standby: 20Hrs(Appr.) Continued Talking: 3Hrs(Appr.)
a. The battery will give the power when the normal power is off, and the battery power will be off when the normal
power is On.
B. The battery is for back up power only, It is not designed for normal power use.
Other Specifications
Plastic cover: light blue or black
Size 183mm 124mm 32mm(l\w h)
G.Weight 1.2Kg
Circumstances: a temperature -20 ~50 b relative humidity 5%~95%
Antenna information
Frequency range: A:890 960MHz B:1710 1880MHz
Banwidth: A:70MHz B:170MHz
Gain: 2.15dBi or 5.5dBi (optional)
Impedance: 50┫
Max Power: 50W
Connector Type: SMA
Size: Longth:30cm , 60cm and 100cm (optional)
Weight: 120g
Programmed port for factory used only


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