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Fixed WirelessPhone
Wireless Terminal


 SX11B CDMA  is  the fixed wireless terminal  adoption CDMA technique system , and can make use of the CDMA network , economicly provide to the fixed wireless communication business.

Because of the adoption high performance CDMA mold import from Korea ,it adapts of long-time usage .Own exhaling call ,coming call and number show ,IP set...public use  telephone function, and offering the anti live signal ,can connect to the fee count device ,can be used as public use telephone and group appropriation's long line use.

  Function characteristics:   
Broad LED disply.

 Time count device ,fee count device ,and checking function.

  Signal strength manifestation, work appearance manifestation .

  Coming call  manifestation function(Support  DTMF  Coming call manifestation telephone).

  The common telephone operation   habit.

  Full-automatic IP Road control function

  Can refuse the coming call's function, full-automatic fee count function.

Suitable for use:

   The ambulation carries

   Secluded region

   Hard to arrange line region

   CDMA  network management company,The business enterprise lead-in transacts the company to use the telephone



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