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Origin China
MODEL LK-007_USB phone
1) Support the exact whole course management of Skype conference.
2) Support lots of platforms, such as Skype, Net2Phone, SJPhone, XLite, eyebeam, VoipBuster, VoipStunt, VoipCheap, VoipDiscount, InternetCalls and NetAppel.
3) Support free selection of the platforms.
4) Support the automatic detection of the phone features and automatic creation of interface and function suitable for the phone.
5) Drive all products with only one API
6) On the basis of international API design, the user can freely add or delete the languages.
7) Skype platform completely supports conference function. No matter what operation has been performed on Skype, the user can freely add/delete a participator during the conference and the phone is completely synchronized with Skype.
8) API can indicate the status of the communication software platform.
9) Support Skype sound device setting and complete two-way synchronism.
10) Support the setting of Windows sound device.
11) Support self-defined rings and free addition /deletion of rings.
12) USB1.1 compatible, no need sound card.
13) Support any number of calls on Skype and the handling of the new incoming call when there is a call in progress.
14) Support holding and switching of calls
15) Support mute switching of Mac
16) Flexible and diverse customized features
17) Automatic platform switching of incoming calls
18) Support language setting on the phone
19) Support LCD brightness setting on the phone
20) User friendly design and easy for use

System requirement:
1) Windows 2000 or XP
2) 400 MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port
3) 128 MB RAM and 15 MB free disk space
4) Internet Connection (33.6 Kbps modem, or any broadband: cable, ADSL.)

Product specification:
1) The packaging is explained: Packaging of color box(neutral);
2) The incoming telegram shows: Have LCD incoming telegrams to show;
3) Interface form : USB interface ;

carton :
L.W.H: 170X150X40 mm 220 g ( 1 pcs )
Weight: 415X350X310 mm 9.5 kg ( 40 pcs )


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