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Origin China
MODEL LK008_USB phone
DESCRIPTION This USB phone provides you more conveniences to make free call over the Internet from PC to PC anywhere as easy as using normal moilebile phones. Simply plug the USB phone into the USB port of your PC, download Internet telephony software like Skype, and you can start making calls. You can easily access the net and connect your friends, family members or colleagues. The phone is fully compatible with Skype and can be used as audio device with Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, MS NetMeeting, net2phone, babble and etc for voice communication.
It¨s designed similar to a mobile phone with quick dial and volume control buttons.

1. Compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution such as Skype
2. Works as microphone & earphone with Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger,
3. MS NetMeeting and etc.
4. Hot-key functions to operate Skype software as easy as dialing a normal telephone
5. Echo-cancellation for better sound quality
6. 8 types of ring tones for incoming call alert
7. Use dot matrix LCD module (116x64).
8. Supports multi-language (English, Japanese, germany,Traditional/Simplified Chinese)
9. LCD backlight turns on while receiving a call or any key is pressed
10. As a speaker to broadcast music from PC
11. LCD to display caller ID, contact list and calling list (Miss ,Income,Outgoing)
12. Compliant with USB 1.1 specification
13. No additional power adapter required
14. Real time clock & date
15. Display Skype out balance.

* Skype doesn¨t support Windows 98SE/ME. Under these systems, the USB Phone only works as an audio input/output device and can be used with an instant communication software, e.g., MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and etc.

** The requirements are subject to Skype software. For the latest requirements, please visit the Skype website.(

 Comply with USB V2.0/1.1.
 Comply with USB Audio Device Class Spec V1.0.
 Comply with USB HID Version2.0/1.1.
 Class-A USB linker.
 Dimension: 106.8mm*42.5mm*19.2mm.
 Weight: 165g.
 Operating Voltage: 4V-5.25V DC
 Operating Temperature: -10~+40≧.
 Relative Humidity: 10%~95%.
 Ambient noise:+ 60VdB(A).


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