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USB Phone
Model No:LK-102A
1.PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation; 2.Driver built-in, plug and play;
3.USB2.0 compatible;
4.No need sound card;
5.No external power required;
6.Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol; 7.Echo cancellation, noise reduction; 8.Application support: Skype, Netmeeting /Messenger, Sjphone, Mediaring, Net2phone, Dialpad, Etalk, X-PRO, X-PRO Vonage, Firefly, Eyebeam and so on;
9.Full duplex communication;
10.Support Skype speed-dialing function; 11.Key-in tone function.
USB Phone 
Model No:EX-B/LK201_USB phone
The PhoneSkype EX-B is a professional USB phone that enables you to enjoy the full feature of Skype. Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, you can make/answer Internet calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality and smart style have made it a perfect VoIP device for both office and home use.

USB Phone 
Model No:LK-108_USB phone
The USB phone supports Skype and you can enjoy distinct voice quality because of advanced DSP skills. Also it has exquisite appearance and portable design. It can be your best choice for chatting, business talking and call charge saving.
To use the USB phone correctly, please read the user manual carefully.
USB Phone 
Model No:LK-101_USB phone

A. Support skype software operation usage
B. Fully functional keypad enables you to make/receive calls even easier
C. 8 classical 4-polyphonic ring tones catering to different tastes
D. Rings loudly on an incoming call
E. LED blinking with power, mute function
F. Full-duplex communication with crystal clear sound
G. USB interface PnP. No external power/sound card needed
H. Handy, chic, and portable for notebook PC
I. Support SIP,H323,MGCP protocol
J. Also compatible with other PC-based softphone applications, such as MSN, Yahoo Message, QQ, Xten, Dialpad, MediaRing, Net2phone, etc
USB Phone 
Model No:EX-03_USB phone
The PhoneSkype EX-03 is a professional USB deskphone that enables you to enjoy the full feature of Skype™. Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, you can make/answer Internet calls just as you would be on a regular telephone. Its high sound quality and easy-to-use have made it a perfect accessory for Skype™
USB Phone 
Model No:LK208
1. Compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution such as Skype
2. Works as microphone & earphone with Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger,
3. MS NetMeeting and etc.
4. Hot-key functions to operate Skype software as easy as dialing a normal telephone
5. Echo-cancellation for better sound quality
6. 8 types of ring tones for incoming call alert
7. Use dot matrix LCD module .
8. Supports multi-language (English, Japanese, germany,Traditional/Simplified Chinese)
9. LCD backlight turns on while receiving a call or any key is pressed
10. As a speaker to broadcast music from PC
11. LCD to display caller ID, contact list and calling list (Miss ,Income,Outgoing)
12. Compliant with USB 1.1 specification
13. No additional power adapter required
14. Real time clock & date
15. Display Skype out balance.
USB Phone 
Model No:LK105A
USB Phone 
Model No:LK106
 USB Interface PnP. No external power/sound card required
 High quality for full duplex communication
 Handy, style, portable for notebook PC
 Compatible with all Internet telephone software applications, such as Skype, MSN, ICQ, X-lite, Dialpad, MediaRing, Net2phone and etc.
 Driver built-in, no need any additional driver in Windows


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