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    90 channel
Traditional PABX

Asterisk CardS
Fixed wireless Terminal

90 channel Optical telephone
90 channels telephone optical multiplexer is a optical transmission equipment to transmit the telephone via fiber .This equipment used by ultra-large-scale integrated circuit design, simple appearance, easy installation and maintenance-free. Stable performance advantages apply to all major telecom providers, government and enterprises.Various channels telephone can be transmitted directly via fiber which can solve the telephone transmission problem for marginal customer . It adopts the digital multiplexing technology with has powerful chip. And it integrates most all the digital logic function. So it can increase the performace and reduce the cost of product. Excellent performance, stability and reliability, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy to install and maintain.

Product features:

industrial-level, Modularize design,SMT surface place craftwork
suitable for the run standard of carrier class ,50,000 hours lifespan
The voice interface supports caller ID display;
can provide anti-pole signals;
transmits signals through 2M circuit;
It is supplied with perfect function of status indication to facilitate maintenance and management;
With small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation.
Supporting Voice Interface caller ID function
Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility
Capable of auto resumption of power fuse
Accept the reverse date singal trasmitter to computer charge
flexible the way of supplying power (DC-48V Or AC 220V)

Technology parameter

Port type:FXO!for switch FXS!for telephone
Ring voltage:AC35V/25Hz
Return loss:40dB

Output power:> -10dBm
Receiving sensitivity> -35dBm
Minimumn link loss:30dB
Power supply:AC176V~264V / 50Hz DC-36~72V
working temperature:0-60ºC
Power Consumption:<30W



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