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Traditional PABX

Asterisk CardS
Optical telephone
Fixed wireless Terminal


IP3000 PBX is a converged communication gateway for small and medium business communication applications. IP3000 PBX supports analog/IP multiple relays, providing home-to-one, multi-level voice navigation, teleconferencing and other services. The system's web-based local management interface supports remote upgrade, maintenance and centralized management. IP3000 PBX adopts softswitch core technology, supports local access to analog phones and IP phone users, and uses IP bearer network to remotely access IP phones or analog users under IAD to realize hybrid networking of analog phones and IP phones; Or SIP trunks can realize the connection of PSTN or private network voice switching equipment, effectively providing enterprise deployment and communication efficiency, and helping the enterprise to improve its value..



Model IP3000 PBX IP3000T PBX
Processor High performance ARMS dual core CPU
Memory 512MB 512MB
Physical interface 1 CONSOLE 1 CONSOLE
1 WAN, 10/100/1000MEthernet adaptive 1 WAN, 10/100/1000MEthernet adaptive
2 LAN, 10/100/1000MEthernet adaptive 2 LAN, 10/100/1000MEthernet adaptive
8FXO,RJ45 16FXO,RJ45
64FXS,RJ45 128FXS,RJ45
Dimension(W*D*H) 440mm*270mm*120mm 443mm*345mm*120mm
Weight (full) 9KG 12KG
Ac input Voltage

100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50/60Hz

Work environment requirements

The level of the fine article in the air is less than 180mg/m3
Temperature 0°C-40°C
Performance doesn’t decrease within 3000m above sea level
Uplink IP access  Support static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, WAN sub-interface
Uplink interface mode Support routing mode, bridge mode
IP Service DDNS, static routing, NAT, port mapping, UPnP, simulated domain name, ALG, DNS, NTP, DHCP service
Traffic management QoS strategy, broadband strategy
Hardware QoS Hardware chip implementation VoIP QoS
Extension type Analog extension: Analog phone. SIP extension: IP phone, video phone, soft phone
Relay type Analog trunk,SIP/IMS trunk
Speech codec G.711U、G.711A、G.723、G.729、iLBC
Video codec H.263,H.264(Bypass)
DTMF Support RFC 2833,SIP info and inband
FAX T.30,T.38
Business statistics Call log,Traffic statistic
Call processing Outbound routing Inbound routing number changes ,dialing rules,DNIS/CNIS
Voice Business Call business Check own number,Caller ID display,Caller ID display restriction,Call forward unconditional,Call forward on no answer,Blind transfer,Inquiry transfer,call waiting,call hold,call park,3-way call,clap permission,Abbreviated dial,call restriction,group dial restriction,black list,call during restriction,DND,phone logout,co group pickup,designated pickup,Immediate Hotline,Delay hotline,co-vibration service,Alarm clock,VIP extension,Recording, SSMN,Voicemail,CRBT,Queue,IVR,Follow me,Billing,Video call etc
WAN port access control WEB access ,Prohibition of PING,SSH Access, SIP Access
IP ADDRESS Blacklist IP address black and white list
Anti-Arp Attack P/MAC binding ,Anti-arp attack
DDos Protection Ping of Death、Tear drop、TCP Flood、UDP FloodTraceroute、IP Spoofing、 Port Scan 、WINNUKE Attack
VoIP Security Sip register account verify SIP registry address verify,Call duration limitation,Call monitor
Local management Web、Telnet、SSH
Remote management SNMP、TR069
System debug Ping、Traceroute、lfconfig、Route、HttpGet、DNS Query
Log management Log queries, log Settings
System maintenance Configure backup and restore, system upgrade, restore factory setting, time setting



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