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     Huawei MA5680T
    Huawei MA5608T
    4-16 pon EPON OLT
Traditional PABX

Asterisk CardS
Fixed wireless Terminal

 Huawei MA5608T

 Resilient, high-capacity SmartAX MA5680T Series OLT platforms for flexible optical networking, simplified O&M, and easy transition to ultra-high-bandwidth access

High reliability: OLT two-node cluster hot backup, remote Disaster Recovery (DR), hitless upgrade,Quality Of Service (QoS), and end-to-end (E2E) high reliability design
Multiple methods of access: Includes E1 private line access, native TDM (CESoP/SAToP), E-LAN,and non-convergence IPTV user access
Simple evolution: GPON,EPON, 10G PON, and 40G PON share a single platform, enabling smooth evolution and supporting ultra-bandwidth access and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack
Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design; idle boards are automatically powered off,intelligent fan speed feature further reduces power consumption of idle boards



Huawei MA5608T 8pon 16pon 32pon 



Uplink 1G configuration

Uplink 10G configuration





H801MABR          (DC)

Control&Uplink Board:MCUD*2

Power Board: MPWC*1

Control&Uplink Board:MCUD01*2

Power Board: MPWC*1


59*38.5*19 cm/12kgs





Control&Uplink Board:MCUD*2

Power Board: MPWD*1

Control&Uplink Board:MCUD01*2

Power Board: MPWD*1


59*38.5*19 cm/12kgs


Extended relevant product as below


Corresponding GPON service board:

GPBD(8ports contains 8pcs SFPs modules C+/ C++)

GPFD(16ports contains 16pcs SFPs modules C+/ C++)

Corresponding EPON service board:

EPBD(8ports contains 8pcs SFPs modules PX20+)

EPFD(16ports contains 16pcs SFPs modules PX20+)


GUI operation, please install NMS iManager U2000


MA5680T(16U),MA5680T(14U),MA5608T DC(2U),MA5608T AC(2U),5800-X7(7U)






The MA5608T has a strong adaptability to the environment and can be deployed quickly. In FTTx networks, the OLT is moved closer to the user side, which can save backbone optical cable resources. This solves the problem of a few users and long access distance, when FTTx services are applied in an area with a low population density.

, Deployed at the remote end, including the base stations (BSs) and outdoor environments
, 2 U high, and supports a maximum of two service boards
, Connected to MxUs or ONTs and used in FTTB/C and FTTH scenarios
, Connected to xDSL terminals and phones and used in the MSAN/DSLAM scenario
, Chassis supports 2 Service Slots
, One power slot, can supply with 2 ports DC redundancy, or AC and DC redundancy (battery)
, Two slot redundancy for main control board
, Support GPON, EPON and P2P (Optical Access);xDSL and POTS(Copper Access)
, Support GPON & EPON simultaneously
, Support 8-GPON port interface card GPBD, 16-GPON port interface card GPFD
, Support GPON split ration 1:128
, Support GE uplink (embedded in MCUD main control board) or 10GE uplink (embedded in MCUD1 main control board)
, MA5608T Software Version available at V800R011,R013 ,R015,R016 and others

MA5608T configuration:
2 MCUD of control and uplink integreated board(MCUD1 10G Uplink for Option)
1 MPWD AC & DC Power Board OR 1 MPWC Dual DC power board (AC to DC Power Converter have to buy separate)
1 GPON or EPON 8 ports board with 8 Modules; (GPFD EPFD 16Ports for Option)
Acessories: Power cable, earth cable, patchcords, banding ribbon, screws etc

Product Features
Optical Access
, Supports a split ratio of 1:128.
, Support small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optical module of Class B+ or Class C+ and XFP optical module, which can be used in different scenarios.
, High-density 48 single-fiber bi-directional or 24 two-fiber bi-directional GE/FE P2P optical access is supported.
Full Service Access

, Supports the High-Performance Multicast Service. The device employs the multicast technology to provide IP video services, including live TV and QVoD, for carriers. By introducing the multicast technology, the network device can manage, control, and forward IP video services and thus meets carriers' requirements for provisioning IP video service.

, The MA5608Thas completed its interoperability test with all mainstream NGN/IMSs.
, Connection to the NGN/IMS network through SIP or H.248, implementing the VoIP service (including the voice, fax, and modem services).
, The MA5608T supports reconstruction of traditional voice devices such as the N*64K private line device and ISDN PRI PBX, implementing the ALL IP architecture.
, Implements base station access solution by using MA5608T (OLT)+MDU. And the MA5608T supports clock synchronization in the base station access scenario.
, The MPLS PWE3 provides the E2E reliability and quality assurance for the service.

Integrated Capability of Access and Convergence
NE Convergence

, The MA5608T features powerful access and convergence capability. In the downstream direction, it supports cascading to other devices through the GE or 10GE port. In the upstream direction, it supports connection to the IP/MPLS network through the GE or 10GE port. It also supports dual homing to the BRAS through direct connection.

Product application
FTTH/FTTB/FTTC Network Application

Voice Service Network Applicationg 




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